NED-OOAPI - Programma OKE - MBO standard to organise tests and exams based on OOAPI

All information in this repository is draft. No rigths can be claimed based on this information The standards can change without notice until they are finalised and approved


A typical school uses a broad range of exam and testing tools. The aim of this specification is to abstract these tools and focus on the messages that are interchanged between these tools. An over all example can be found in the folowing image.


Structure of this repository

This repository consists of the following elements:

The specification and the relevant information can be found in the link: OOAPI Specification relevant to this project An adapted and shortend version of the yaml file for the MBO-OKE can be found here

Working Documents

Version history

Version Date Status Author Comment
0.1 1-31 may 2022 DRAFT @mcginkel  
0.2 14 july 2022 DRAFT @mcginkel and many others flow 0,2,3,4 defined
0.3 13 sep 2022 DRAFT @mcginkel and many others flow 6 added, technical refrence added

This repository is an initiative of the MBO Digitaal and NED.


This standard is developed by members from schools, software partners and NED. The contributors are:

Name Organization contact
Henk Knevelbaard Alfa-college
Hans Swart Alfa-college - NED
Jonas de Graaff Caci (Osiris)
Youri van Pinxteren Caci (Osiris)
Erik Degen Coöperatie Examens MBO
Jeroen van Waes Examenservices
Kees van Ginkel Topicus (EduArte) @mcginkel -
Ton Weenk Topicus (EduArte)
John Schols Topicus (EduArte)
Jos van der Arend Kennisnet
Rob Vos NED
Nelleke Lafeber NED
Roan Boer Rookhuiszen Paragin
Ellen Kieviet – Hoegen Dijkhof ROC Amersfoort/NED
Mark Leummens ROC van Amsterdam
Marga Schoneveld - Kerkhof ROC van Amsterdam
Joost van der Velden ROC Midden Nederland
Annemieke Gijsberts ROC Midden Nederland
David Vermeulen ROC Midden Nederland
Michiel Rotteveel SPL
Ellen Zoegaard SPL
Sjoerd Zonneveld SPL
Werner Richelle Summa College
Ronald Ham Surf / R4Arhictecture
Rene Rutte Xebic